Tempus (April 7, 2020)

I don’t know a single person whose to-do list contains no outstanding tasks.  To those who think that retirement will provide frequent opportunities to relish in that rare feeling of checking the final box, I am sorry to burst your bubble, but it would be remiss of me to not inform you that, of even my retired friends and family, no one seems to have enough time.

That’s the crux, isn’t it?  Time.  Or is it?  I certainly agree, in part, with that notion, but something very interesting has happened lately.  I don’t mean to derogate those whose lives have been overturned by the recent COVID-19 (AKA Wuhan virus, novel coronavirus, or coronavirus); if you’ve recently lost loved ones, your job, your security, your savings, or anything else, then “interesting” is not likely to be your choice adjective.  Be that what it may, these times are unique, novel, unparalleled, unprecedented, and indeed interesting.

Just one of the many results of the pandemic COVID-19 is that many people have seen an increase in their free time.  Is that their choice?  Almost certainly not.  For most, if time is no longer a scarcity, then something else is: namely, income and employment.

While I wish it were not the case (and no doubt you feel the same way), I cannot help but wonder how people are using their new-found, admittedly unfamiliar, free time.

If I had to guess, online streaming has burgeoned prodigiously.  Relaxation is good, but what about some more constructive ways to spend one’s time?

Today, we want to offer you just a few ideas with the hope that you discover new talents, develop abeyant hobbies, find joy in what you do, bake delectations galore, and look back on your experiences during “the age of coronavirus” and think, I put my time to good use.

Stay safe,

Ben Lebout

Here are just twelve ideas to get you started.  

  1. Take time to relax. No Netflix, no podcasts, no distractions of any kind. Try it for just five minutes.
  2. Mediate. In theme with the previous idea, but consider researching different practices that are agreeable to you.
  3. Learn origami. If ever there’s a piece of paper nearby, you’ll be able to bring a smile to many people’s faces.
  4. Read a book. Fiction, non-fiction, YA, etc.  You’ll be glad you did.
  5. Get outside. Go for a walk, jog, bike ride, or even break out some roller skates!
  6. Fill car tires. When’s the last time you did that?  No time like the present for simple vehicle maintenance.
  7. Learn a foreign language. Snakker du norsk? If not, there’s plenty of resources online.
  8. Dance. Close quarters getting tighter? You and your partner should learn to dance! (My suggestion is line dancing.)
  9. Fix bathroom faucet. Or whatever outstanding home-improvement projects have been neglected.
  10. Learn something. There’s an abundance of websites and YouTube channels that are just bursting with knowledge. (My recommendations: Khan Academy, Brilliant.com, CPG Grey, Today I Found Out, Numerphile, and more!)
  11. Exercise. Look up body-weight exercises, or just go for a run.  Still no ideas?  Do burpees…you’ll get in great shape.
  12. Get closer to God. Pray, read the Bible, discuss faith and spirituality with friends and family, and/or check out the online worship that almost every church is currently having. If you knock on God’s door, God will answer it.

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